Hello! It is our pleasure to host your visit and we are grateful for your support of small towns, their business owners and local economies.

America's heart and soul is derived from towns. We raise our families there, explore them for pleasure and make them our home. Our purpose is a lifelong dedication to the courageous people who own and operate local businesses across our country. Brick and mortar aren't just words that describe a type of business, it is the actual structure of small towns. The architecture from Early American New England to Colonial Carolinas to Tropical South Florida and across the Midwest to the cliffs of California.

What we do.

We created TOWNSOUP to support our unique places. It is a better America with thriving small towns. Our purpose is very simple and transparent. We provide a dedicated platform for you to connect with unique local businesses, engage with them, purchase and transact with them. We also value their perspectives and provide a media platform to tell their stories. And they are damn good.

Keeping it simple.

Small business, that's all folks. We started out making websites and as technology and behavior changes, so have we. By leveraging the best available technologies, our business is to deliver content that is highly valuable to both our members and consumers. While there are other options to discover local places, we proudly differentiate ourselves by remaining neutral and letting you decide where to dine, shop and try out what's nearby.


There are enough hands out for small business owners. We know, it is hard work, long days, and you need to earn every customer, every transaction, purchase supplies, inventory and pay employees to keep the lights on. Our Membership plans reflect an appreciation for that and there are no shenanigans like other companies try to pull. What you see is what you get.

Thank you.

Whether you are a business owner, supporter of nearby places, or just passing through here, thank you. We are a small business too. We hope one day our children will look back at the things we are doing and be able to enjoy all the small towns and businesses that have shaped America.