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While these two things may not seem to connect at first glance, for The Catch-y Caterer, they are intertwined. For me, family time as a child very often centered around food. “Family Night at Nanny’s was every Sunday and it meant my 20 aunts and uncles and their trails of kids, soaking up great conversation under the stars and love, in the form of the tangiest Gazpacho, the sweetest Strawberry Shortcake and the most satisfying white corn and tomatoes grown right in my Dad’s garden. Those flavors and my family were two of the most important things to me when I was a kid – they meant love and comfort. I took that experience and based my company around it. The Catch-y Caterer is dedicated to local and seasonal produce, taking the freshest ingredients from the neighboring farms around Bergen county and bringing them together with the highest quality lean cuts of beef, fish and poultry to create a tantalizing flavor explosion that guarantees to bring our customers coming back again and again.

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614 North Maple Avenue
Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey 07423

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