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Lynne Begier is the founder, yoga teacher, and healing enthusiast behind Roastd General Store. Lynne was first inspired to integrate wellness into the specialty coffee industry when she saw the damage that conventionally grown coffee and processed ingredients were having on coffee lovers. Rather than eliminate the coffee ritual, Lynne seeks to elevate it.

A believer in plant-based healing, Lynne offers a variety of holistic, plant-powered wellness solutions for pain, inflammation, overall wellness and preventing disease. In addition to Roastd’s extensive and creative coffee and tea menu, they also offer a carefully researched and curated wellness marketplace. These products are meant to spark joy and well being in customers’ lives. The marketplace supports makers whose products are created with integrity and transparency.


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Tuesday through Sunday 8am to 4pm **feel free to knock if we are inside and you need something off hours** fastest and best contact is email as our land line is on the fritz. FREE WIFI

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