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We are small batch artisanal coffee roasters. 
Our location is on the North Fork of Long Island where magical things are happening. There are 40 plus vineyards, emerging micro breweries and a "Slow Food" minded restaurant industry. Not to mention there is a farming scene that is thriving and ever evolving with things like the planting of hops and the obsession of organic and sustainable methods. We have local artists, farmers, ranchers, musicians, wine-makers, cheese & fish mongers. A true artisans paradise. The perfect setting for our venture.

Who We Are

Our goal as Artisan coffee roasters is to make sure every coffee bean we roast is the best it can possibly be. We approach every step of the coffee process with careful thought.  Our expertise is finding and developing the true characteristics of each bean and making sure that the hard work put into the cultivating , growing, processing and transporting of these precious beans is preserved. Careful consideration is taken with respect to where the coffee was grown, at what altitude, how it was processed, transported and stored.

Our History

In 2007, co-founder, Jennilee Morris, 33, had just took the job as General Manager of the newly opened, Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck, NY. The owner had a brand new Diedrich IR 2.5 coffee roaster. The idea was to roast fresh coffee and the smell would bring customers into the restaurant to eat. It didn’t take long before Jennilee found herself getting deeper and deeper into specialty coffee. She traveled to her first coffee convention in Seattle the fall of 2007 and since then has immersed herself in the specialty coffee industry with great passion and determination. In 2010 Jennilee purchased her very own 1990 Probat L5 Roaster and set it up in her garage. She continued to roast and supply coffee for local businesses on the North Fork hoping for the opportunity to one day open the first third wave coffee house on the North Fork. That day finally happened on Valentine’s Day of 2015.

If it weren’t for the equally matched passion that partner, Jess Dunne, 26, shared with Jennilee the North Fork Roasting Co. may never have been born. Jess Dunne a chef turned coffee junkie found culinary and creative outlets in the craft. The two met in 2011 and fell in love with coffee. This deep seeded affection enabled them to overcome the odds and open the North Forks first specialty coffee shop. Jess found fulfillment opening the shop in her hometown of Southold, NY. It’s a close knit farmer’s town and there was an overwhelming excitement of providing a much needed “third space” for the artisans and craftsmen that live and work in the area.  The roastery opened to “a standing room only crowd” and has maintained and increased its popularity into the summer tourism months.


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55795 ROUTE 25
Southold, New York 11971

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