An American Inspiration & Promise

America is at a crossroad. More people are relocating away from major cities to find a better quality of life. Learning about unique towns can provide insight on where to live and call home. There are millions of unique brands inviting you to become loyal customers and part of their community, forging an economic strength to keep the American Dream alive. We created townsoup as a media platform, leveraging technology, to introduce you to the unique towns and brands across America.

Our founder, Todd Sawyer, learned at a young age the value of being a business owner. The relationship between a business owner and their customer's potentially create a bond, where earned trust, local loyalty and even friendship florish. Standing the test of time, the merchant and tradesman have been mainstays across America's unique towns.

Bridging the traditional with technology is what inspired us to bring townsoup to you. Whether you own a small unique brand or are searching for one, we have curated an environment for both. We remove the clutter, hunt for links, and opinions. Townsoup get's to the point in good taste. We invite you to explore our platforms and engage with us.