Membership to TOWNSOUP is offered to small businesses operating in America with a physical location or service that benefits the good of the town. We have a commitment to our customer base to provide bonafide places and verify your profile prior to activation. Membership plans offer businesses varying degrees of marketing themselves to our customers from a minimalist to a complete brand experience. We invite you to take a look and chose the right one for your business. At any time you may upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Don't have time to setup your profile? We get it, just let us know and we will set it up for you. Drop us a line here to get started!

Best of Everything

For $9.99 a month your business offers a full experience for our customers. They can see photos, videos, location, contact you direct, social media links and if you want to offer deals, you can add them here and drive customers to your business with promotions. If you offer Gift Cards they are able to be purchased right from your profile. Offer Reservations for the service you provide, no problem, take them right to your reservation system direct. It really is the best of everything.


Our next plan at $4.99 a month offers a clean brand representation that is appealing for first impressions. Get noticed and connected to new and existing customers.


Our entry level plan at $1.99 a month is a good way to start and let customers know you are in business and how to find you. Nothing sexy, but it gets your name out there.