Our Story

American towns and the unique businesses that call them home are woven into our lives. These small businesses create lifetime memories that we share with family and friends. These small businesses provide their towns with a sense of character and integrity. These small business provide their local economy with financial value by keeping 68% reinvested locally. These small businesses are the American Dream for those that have the courage and creativity to own, manage and market themselves.

Small businesses are at great risk from the pressures of the large coporate chains and mammoth corporations. They are only serving their shareholders and not the local community the way true small business owners do.

Our mission is to provide a platform for small businesses to increase awareness, better use technology, and connect more people to their nearby places.

What is townsoup?

It is a movement, it is a platform to connect customers to nearby places, it is a place for small business to call home. The word townsoup comprises of two acronyms. The first is try out what's nearby, t.o.w.n. The second is support our unique places, s.o.u.p.


• Local Search

The next generation of local search. Become a member of our website and start increasing your visibility to those that matter nearby. People want what is relevant, and we deliver that.

• Video

It is essential to search engines like Google. We will create a video for your business as part of our Bowl of Soup package. Your video will also be published on our YouTube Channel townsoup.tv and cataloged.

• Upgrade your website

80% of all searches are on mobile devices, and Google requires websites to have a responsive design in order to be part of mobile search. We will create a responsive website for your business that is elegant and professional.

We invite you to learn more about our services and how we can help your small business! 


Who is townsoup?



Todd Sawyer, Founder and Small Business Advocate

I come from generations of small businesses owners. My great grandfather was a lumberjack and horse trader. My grandfather was a  carpenter. My father was a printer. I learned at a young age the value of a hard day's work. While in college I worked for a small business that was an icon, MacHughes Clothing Store in Ridgewood, New Jersey. A family owned business, the Macksoud family helped shape much of what downtown Ridgewood is today. From the tree lined Ridgewood Avenue, the parks, and the annual holiday celebrations. Mr. Macksoud, like many small business owners, shared his successes with the community. Unfortunately, the financial pressure of competing with the growing "Big Box" retailers led to the eventual closing of MacHughes. The experience of working there and other small businesses, has been largely influential on creating townsoup to help small businesses.




Cameron Smith, Midwest Small Business Advocate

I recently graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor of science in kinesiology, majoring in exercise science. I plan to continue my education in pursuit of becoming a physical therapist. I have worked for restaurants while attending school and have seen first hand the importance small businesses have on their economies. I'm looking forward to connecting to you and helping you increase awareness and attract customers.








Marcus Russo, Northeast Small Business Advocate

I am currently a senior at Saint Joseph's University majoring in sports marketing. My family has owned a small business for over 50 years, and continues today. I am proud that our family has supported our town and the nearby communites over the years. I appreciate the loyalty and value that having a small business can bring. Many of my classmates have had the opportunity to work for our small business, Carlo Russo Wine and Spirits, which has forged a lifetime of memories. I hope my experiences and understanding can help you and your small business.







Andrew Oliver, Southeast Small Business Advocate

I am currently a freshman at Florida Southwestern State College. I am striving to acquire my AA degree. In the upcoming year I would like to transfer to Florida Gulf Coast and major in marketing and business management. I am also very interested in fashion; after college I would like to start my own clothing company. My parents are both entrepreneurs and small business advocates. I learned from them the value of experiencing unique places and the hard work required to own and run your business. I look forward to learning about your unique place and adding value to it.